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Advanced Technology Group, Inc. continually strives to stay ahead of the technology curve. When we sat down to talk about the next big thing for ATG, mobile was the obvious path forward. How can we help you be more efficient outside of the office? How can we assist you in reducing costs while increasing your productivity?

Android was first released in 2007 to the mobile platform after years of extensive development work by Android, Inc., later purchased by Google. Since Google’s acquisition of the company, the platform has continued to grow providing features and functionality that are essential in our everyday lives.

C3 Mobile continues to evolve and the Android platform offers features that clearly support the on-going progress made with our solution offering, including:

Integration with Google Maps offering the ability to look up a unit address, obtain directions, and use turn-by-turn GPS to increase efficiency

High-Resolution Camera to take photos and include a date/timestamp that can be immediately accessed in C3

Data Caching Technologyâ„¢ allowing managers to be productive regardless of location and connectivity limitations

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